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Kelvin is our esteemed Psychic Medium, and is in popular demand by local newspapers, radio and television. Kelvin is also a Reiki Teacher and Healer.

Jill is a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Ruth serves the food and takes bookings.

In Their Own Words...

Kelvin Woodage - Psychic Medium

Hello! Thank you for looking at Allsorts web site, I hope you find it interesting.

I was born in 1959 and I was not involved in any form of psychic activity until the age of 40. I realize that this may sound like a cliché, but my life really did begin at 40!

It all started when my wife was recommended to visit a faith healer, to try and alleviate her pain as a result of suffering from Osteoporosis. We went along, feeling pretty sceptical, and the treatment commenced. I sat around 8 foot away from the healer, when all of a sudden I was aware of a bright white glow surrounding the healer. Me, being the sceptic I was, thought that there had to be an easy explanation of this. I dismissed it as merely a trick of the light, caused by the sunshine and smoke from the lit incense sticks.

After the treatment had finished, I enquired about the light surrounding him that I had seen, and he said "Oh, that’s my Aura" – as though this was common knowledge!!

We returned to the healer for several treatments over a period of around 6 weeks, after which time I felt a very strange voice, from inside of my head, saying "You could do that". So, I promptly had the courage to say to the healer "I can do that". After being given a strange look, I decided to keep quiet.

Following this experience, we returned home and I quickly asked my wife to sit in a chair and I proceeded to imitate the actions of the healer, not knowing what this would lead to. It was probably on my fourth attempt that I had a strange tingling feeling in my hands, this was followed by heat. So, that was my start into healing.

My Mediumship gift first appeared in October 2001, whilst I was giving healing energy to a very distressed elderly lady, who had recently lost her partner. On the first time that I put my hands to her head, I had a very strong image of a gentleman appear in my head. However, due to the lady being very upset, I decided not to say anything on this occasion. At her next treatment session, the same picture appeared, and I felt the urge to describe what I was seeing. After three quarters of an hour, passing on what I was then hearing too, I had described her husband to a tee, the conditions surrounding his passing and a lot of personal information which was only relevant to this lady. I was given a big hug and I was told that she now felt more at ease. When she had left, I jumped in the air as if I had just won the lottery! From then on, every person I put my hands up to I was able to pass on information and facts.

Following this experience, I have gone from strength to strength, appearing on BBC Radio on a Question & Answer session, in the local evening Echo and Southampton Television, with many more exciting projects in the pipeline!

My main aim in life is to prove to people, without a shadow of a doubt, that we never die, we only drop our physical body. By giving as accurate information as I can, I hope to achieve this.

I now look forward to seeing you at Allsorts!